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Wheeling For Tribal Learning

”Education is the passport for tomorrow; for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

Introduction / Background of the project:

We are what we are because of the formation we have received through education. The developmental foundation of every society lies in education. To every society this truth is unveiled through experiences at different times of their history. Kathkari tribes who are the primitives from Raigad District Maharashtra are still the first-generation learners of formal education. One of the greatest challenges the children in the villages are currently facing are they have to walk to the villages from 4 km to 9 or 15 km as their schools are very far from the villages. Their parents cannot afford the travelling money by the shared ricks or private vehicles as they struggle to meet their days end. The only resolve left to them is to walk …walk and walk. Many times, it not only reaches them late to their schools for classes or exams, but also leaves them weak and tired to follow up their studies. Many have dropped out from the school due to the distance while some others have decided to walk.

Development of the project:

This will not only enhance their education but also time management and health; above all it will reduce the drop out in education from the tribal communities. We will conduct Gavki (village) meetings to ensure the proper usage of the cycle provided to them. There will be a close accompaniment and monitoring for the same as well as for their education. Every growth happens through collective efforts and stake holding. We need your accompaniment to continue this journey of “uplifting lives and tribal communities''. We invite you to be our stakeholder and partner in this noble act by providing a cycle, or its value or even a second-hand cycle according to your capacity, ability and goodwill. We invite you to be the catalyst in action, a messenger of hope turning people on to themselves and turning people on to their dreams. We intend to support 900 students with cycles belonging to the Roha taluka. In the second phase we are planning to give 82 cycles to the Village of Kharabachi wadi. Ie. 58 nos from (Mothiwadi -12 kms, Vadachi wadi - 13 kms, Garatali wadi - 14kms, Samachi wadi - 15 kms) and 24 numbers at Palakudh village.

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