His vision is that a society can be developed on a sustainable basis only if the change is aimed at the welfare of the people. He also says that no issue is big or small; it is the magnitude and impact that makes the issue big.

Thane Citizens Foundation believes that every life has equal value and right to live with dignity. Our belief takes us towards serving fellow human beings with utmost dedication and compassion. “It’s not just the end that matters, but also the means,” the organization is recognized till date for its work in several projects and its capability to reach and meet every need.
Kasber Augustine – President , Thane Citizens Foundation
Thane Citizens Foundation is an initiative of the Citizens of Thane . The ngo operates in Thane for Thanekars and beyond set up this initiative to get working on transforming change, towards a better India. In tandem with this perspective, Thane Citizens Foundation has partnered with various association and conducted many initiatives, working towards making the citizens of Thane more active through various initiative. TCF endeavour has been hugely beneficial for the welfare of the city , Greening , Medical Help for the destitute and marginal, partnering with TMC wall painting beautification of the city and slum through its Talking Wall that was conceptualised by H’bl. Mr. Sanjeev Jaiswal , H’bl. Thane Municipal commissioner .
Through its Thane Human Chain Peace initative & all line petition ,TCF could manage to get all the potholes of Thane repaired and reduce traffic congestion to a larger extend . Through its many creative activities programmes, the Thane Citizens Foundation has created avenues for citizens to release their stress, be able to live life to the fullest and function fruitfully in their jobs. Thane Citizens Foundation’s activities programmes have been imperative in inculcating work-life balance among people, by keeping the mind healthy. When the body is fit, the circle of well-being is complete.
Thane Citizens Foundation is responsible in organising the the ” Thane Green Impact Award ” for housing societies, institutions, Organisations that has played a very important role in waste management, water management, Greening , Power generation. TCF has organised driving several health initiatives, thereby creating awareness about being healthy. With its focus on safety, the Thane Citizens Foundation has been responsible in enabling many Traffic related initative to protect the citizens and manage to control traffic to a certain extend. Reaching out to Thanekars , Thane Citizens Foundation has been responsible in supporting social organizations through initiatives like the ‘Clean Thane’ drive & organising movie screening, Summer activity camp and events for the underprivileged . Thane Citizens Foundation is all about meting out timely help, especially in times of dire calamity.