TCF Action

We works for the creation of awareness about safe drinking water , sanitation , cleanliness, waste management, plantation and cultural events to protect the environment.

We have organised seminars on waste management, water conservation, saved trees that were to be axed at Pokhran road no 2 , encouraged TMC to relocate the trees that were effected because of road construction, helped in the wall painting of the entire city and beautified the looks of the city. Organised mega events and awards to promoted to save the environment.
We have also conducts training programs, educational tours, farmer’s tour, fairs, etc., to support the Thane masses to achieve their goals in terms of knowledge and skill development. We are also known for our illustrative work for conducting surveys, research work, case studies, and analysis.

Our vision is that a society can be developed on a sustainable basis only if the change is aimed at the welfare of the people . We believe that no issue is big or small; it is the magnitude and impact that makes the issue big.
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