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Abolish Toll
Toll and Cess is taking a heavy toll on the lives of lakhs of citizens who stay in the periphery of Mumbai and are travelling to and fro to Mumbai for work on a daily basis, specifically by road from the various Mumbai entry points. They have been in a gridlock of a worst kind along the toll stations, majority of people from various walks of life spend hours on end on roads before making it to their destinations. Consider these:
— Anywhere from 45 minutes to more than three hours are wasted every day waiting on the road to get past the toll stations in the mornings and evenings.
— A lot of fuel that costs us dear gets wasted in the process.
— Reaching offices and other destinations late has become a commonplace for most of us.
— At times, the toll stations become a major hindrance even for ambulances carrying critical patients.
— Air/noise pollution around the toll stations adds to the misery of vehicle users.

Contractors continue to collect toll from the vehicle users long after they have recovered the money that they have paid for bagging the toll collection contract.
Above all, vehicle users continue to pay up toll or lagaan day after day/ trip after trip, despite the poll promise by the incumbent government that it would do away with the levy at the earliest.
Time has come for residents around Mumbai to assert ourselves and demand scrapping of toll forthwith.
We have more than 150 housing societies across Thane coming together and have joined hands to crusade for the scrapping of toll.
We need your support and contributions in our endeavor.
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